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What do Spanish host families expect from their Au Pair?

What do Spanish host families expect from their Au Pair?

Their main expectation is that their children learn or improve their level of English in a natural way so they will ask you to talk to the children in English at home when they are away at work. This can be done while you play with them and engage with them in different activities. They will expect you to operate as a member of the family in your free time and on free days, if you choose to. They will expect communication with you to coordinate the family schedule; this is really important. That way, you can enjoy your free time independently. They expect that once you are integrated in the family life, you will have your own initiative (nobody likes repeating the same things every day).

Most of the Spanish host families already have a person responsible for cleaning and cooking daily or at least 3 days a week, so the Au pair duties are specific to the children. You will be treated like a member of the family because Spanish host families like their Au pair in most cases to spend their free time with them too.

In many cases they will ask you if you want to travel with them to the beach, to go skiing, to visit their relatives…etc. They will want you feel at home from the first day of your arrival and will help you with whatever you need. They are clear that your main interest is to learn Spanish so they will be very happy helping you not only to find a suitable school near home, but also talking to you in Spanish.[wpfilebase tag=file id=12 /]


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