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Spanish host families, what expect from their au pairs?

Spanish host families, what they expect from their au pairs?

Native English speakers

firt of all, we have to explain that in Spain most of host families expect an aupair capable to help with english to the kids. or people with very high levels of English, capable of teaching English to children while playing with them.

Young people from 18 to 26 years old

In addition Spanish host families expect young people affectionate, open, with a sense of humour and, at the same time, able to be respected by children and impose order when necessary.

Spanish host families don’t expect domestic collaboration

Consequently, they don’t want an au pair to help clean the house, cook, iron or dust because they use to have hired cleaners. However host families expect the au pair to help with tasks such as: setting the table, helping to pick up the children’s room, helping to pick up the kitchen after meals.

Warm au pairs

Who also want to share their free time with the family, therefore many Spanish host families expect their au pair join them some weekends if they make a trip or visit relatives.

The Spanish families give a lot of freedom

When it comes to night outings but they expect to be informed of the approximate time of arrival. Especially relevant is that they really get worried if they wake up and they don’t find you at home, it is better to inform them you will not slept that night at home if you consider this could happen.

Spanish host families expect initiative

To propose games to children with whom they learn English, consequently they expect proactive au pairs.

In conclusion, we could say that Spanish families are looking for the big sister of their kids in the au pair program.

In order to know exactly what your prospective host family’s expectations are, it is very important to ask the host family direct questions during the interview, so that you can know more about what they expect from the au pair and if this fits your expectations.


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