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School holidays in Spain

School holidays in Spain

In 10 days the Spanish kids will start their school summer period. Until the 15-20th of September they will be in summer holidays, the wished time wanted for all of them.

In Spain we have 3 months of Shool Summer holidays.

What other periods of school holidays we have then during the year, September until June?

We have only short holidays as:

In October a bank holiday: 12th of October, “día de la Hispanidad”, National Holiday. We commemorate that Cristobal Colon arrived to South America as well.

In December: the 6th, Día de la Constitución – Constitution day: marks the anniversary of a referendum held in Spain on December 6, 1978 and the 8th Inmaculada´s day.

  • Christmas holidays: usually from the 19th of December until the 6-8 of January. The 6 of January, Dia de los Reyes Magos, 3 kings day.

In February and depending the regions we have:

  • 1 week holiday – Semana Blanca, where kids usually travel with the schools to sky.
    The week of Carninval, the most famous are in Canary Islands and Cadiz where they take 1 week off and in other regions usually a weekend plus Monday of carnival.
  • Easter week. From Madrid to the south the 1 week holiday start the Monday before to Maundy Thursday and finishes the Easter Sunday. From Madrid to the North of Spain the Easter week starts the Maundy Sunday and the whole next week.

In May, we have the 1st of May, as in many other countries.

Are many other bank holidays depending the region and community.

Summer is coming and kids wishing to do nothing during 3 months for this reason the summer aupair programme works so well in Spain.

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