Meeting other Au Pairs in Spain

Meeting other Au Pairs in Spain

One of the hardest moments when you start as an au pair is making friends in the host country. All of you leave behind friends and relaties and all of you have to start a new life.

When you are a match with one of our host families you will receive information about other au pairs in your area/region. It’s important to start making new friends, as all of you are in the same situation, with similar time tables and free days. It is the best way to avoid homesickness.

  1. You will receive an au pair list with the contact details of other au pairs placed in Spain with our Au Pair Agency. Write to the au pairs that are in your city/region to introduce yourself to them, all au pairs are wishing to meet new people.
  2. You will receive as well an email with your log-in and password to entry to the unique IAPA AuPairsOnly appAuPairsAround that is available from the Appstore & Google playstore! The IAPA AuPairsOnly will provide a place where au pairs can meet other au pairs in a secure environment. The app is available to IAPA members only, who can then provide their au pairs with access to the app!
  3. But this is not the only we offer you, the AEPA (Spanish AuPair Association) in cooperation with ExcusesToMeet, has developed an Excuses tu meet - Servihogar AuPair Agencyapplication to meet other au pairs in Spain. It is easy to use and it’s FREE for all au pairs who came with AEPA Au Pair Agencies. It is safe because you will have access to the password-protected AEPA community within the app. Please note, you must be in Spain to join the AEPA community. You will receive the user login and password once you are a match with one of our host families.

In case that in your same city/town or region you find no other au pair, you can make friends in the Spanish school, gym or in your neighbourhood. Spanish people are very warm and talkative, so they would be happy to start a conversation with you.

Also, you can ask to your host family if they have friends with children in the same age as you as they could introduce you, this would be definitely the best way you immerse in the Spanish life.

The sites listed below are to find people who want to improve languages. You can do searches for places and languages.

Do you have another tip for new au pairs to meet other au pairs? We would love to hear from you 🙂

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