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Veronica M. Italy, Au Pair in Spain Summer 2015

Au Pair Spain Veronica summer 2015Hi!

I’m Veronica, and I’m currently a Summer Au Pair in the north of Spain, Pamplona.

I took the decision of being an au pair this winter, because I wanted to do something practical after studying all the year and because I also wanted to live and visit this amazing country!

After making this choice, I started looking for the best way of finding a family. I wanted something safe, so I thought that maybe an agency could have been the best. Among the several agencies available here in Spain, I found Servihogar with the amazing Laura.

She answered very soon to my email, and helped me by answering to all my questions and having talks by skype. She really is an help and always there for any necessity you may have.

AuPairSpain Veronica summer 2015 PamplonaWhen I came here I was unsure about the family, because, even though I had had a good connection with them and the videocalls went very good, I was not sure about how I would have reacted and how it would have been for me. Like all the experiences and every situation, there are moments in which you REALLY love your family, and others in which you would only stay in your bed and sleep.

But, as I was saying to another girl yesterday, it doesn’t matter this emotional rollercoaster – however it will go, the time you’ll spend abroad with your hostkids will always be useful and aupairing is not a year-long or 2-months-long experience. It’s life-long!

PD Veronica writes a blog about trips low cost, she also wrote about her experience in Spain as aupair. Read it here:  https://unaveronicavagante.wordpress.com/

Dalma, Hungary, Au Pair in Spain Summer 2014

Hi! I’m Dalma a 19 year old, Hungarian girl, who spent her summer in Spain as an aupair. I arrived on June 11 and I spent in Madrid 3 months. The family was really kind and they helped me in everything. I had to look after 3 children, 2 boys and a girl. Every day we got up at 8 o’clock and then I helped them to have breakfast and I made the beds, we played a bit and then we went to the swimmingpool, where they played with the neighbours. After, we had lunch, sometimes I prepared the lunch and sometimes the mother had left something on the table to eat. The mother arrived home at 3:30pm every day. And after she arrived I was free. Only sometimes I looked after the children in the afternoon when she had to go to the hospital or had to work a bit more. In the afternoons I could go to the shopping centre or to the swimming pool or to the city centre. And my weekends were free as well. On the weekends I went to the city centre and to church, and in the centre I met with other aupairs. I’ve met with 3 German, 2 Polish, 3Irish, 1 Swedish, 3 English, 2 Dutch girls, and with an English boy who was an aupair as well. But now I only speak with a few of them. My family have gone to vacation 2 times for 2 weeks. First I went with them and we were in Oliva in the beach 2 weeks. We were in a very beautiful place. And they went to the grandparents’ house for 2 weeks and I haven’t gone with them, so I stayed in Madrid and I had 2 weeks to relax. I watched a Real Madrid match, and Flamenco in a bar and I visited museums, monuments, and the family let me to invite a friend, so my friend from Hungary visited me for 3 days. I’ve visited Valencia, and this city is amazing.

I can’t give a lot of tips. Only, if she come to Spain I think she should search for Spanish friends and not just other aupairs because the Spanish people are really friendly and outgoing. And it’s worth to try traditional Spanish meals. And she should make a lot of pics.

I think the agency demonstrated everything clear. And the family was the same that the agency had told me. Before I came here I’d read that this children are a bit difficult. And it was true and I’m really happy that they had said the truth and I was able to come prepared. And it was a really good feeling that if something bad happens to me there is an agency what supports me and help me. Fortunately nothing bad happened.

And I really liked the aupair meeting because I could meet with other girls who are in the same situation as me, and we could share experiences and meet on the weekends.

Thank you for this awesome summer Servihogar! I would like to repeat this experience!

Kind regards,

Dalma Szpiszár

Marlene Heinrich (Austria) – Au Pair in Spain: Sept 2007 February 2008 – MADRID

AuPairSpainServiHogarAgencyMi familia es muy abierta. Me dice a veces que mis amigos pueden dormir a casa, etc. Puedo salir el fin de semana y de lunes a viernes tengo que comenzar mi trabajo a las 6. El martes y jueves tengo que recoger la niña a las 6:45. Por eso tengo mucho tiempo libre. Eso me gusta muchisimo.

Normalmente escribo todos los dias mis tareas en español para practicarlo y Teresa (la madre) siempre corrige lo que he escrito. una cosa muy buena.

Adicional, tengo muchas amigas (au-pairs) que viven tambien en Madrid. Me queda con ellas todos los dias para tomar algo. Siempre hablemos sobre las familias, los niños… Eso facilita la vida lejos de mi familia en Austria.

Solamente tengo un mes mas en España y estoy segura que voy a echar de menos todo… un besito y perdon para los errores.

Feedback: Deborah – UK – Au pair in Spain 3 Months

Deborah: Hi,
Sorry this is so late, I have been quite busy!

ServiHogar: How did you know about us?

Deborah: I found your website on the internet.

ServiHogar: Did you find the information about au pair in Spain useful and clear provided to you at the first contact with Servihogar? This information was according with your experience once in Spain?
Deborah: Yes, there is plenty of info on the website, and you provided me with lots of information as well when I emailed you.
ServiHogar: Do you think we requested you too much information about yourself in the au pair application?
Deborah: I think it was a little bit much as there were lots of different forms to fill in. This would put off a girl who was just interested in au pair work but didn’t want to commit.
ServiHogar: How do you think was the information we gave you about the families proposed? (Family application, dear au pair letter and photos of the family?)
Deborah:This was good, except the letter I received was written over two years ago, although the pictures were more recent.
ServiHogar: Did you have the opportunity to choose a family?
Deborah: I chose the first family you told me about.
ServiHogar: How was the placement process?
Deborah: Quick! Once I sent all the paperwork out to you, you were very quick in responding.
ServiHogar: Once you arrived to Spain, how do you think family welcomed you?
Deborah: Very well. The only thing was that a driver was sent to pick me up, although my host mother had told me she was coming herself.
ServiHogar: Did you receive the contact details of other au pairs and information about Spanish schools?
Deborah: I received info on the other au pairs through the agency and on the Spanish school through my family.

ServiHogar: Do you feelt confident about ServiHogar Au Pair Agency? (I mean in case you would had problems with the family would you had contacted me to inform me in order I tried to resolve it?)
Deborah: Yes, I think I would have contacted you if I had had a problem which I couldn’t resolve with the family.
ServiHogar: Would you recommend our agency to another young girl if she is willing to come to Spain?
Deborah: Yes.

Your name and country: Deborah B, UK

Feedback: Davinder Sanghera – Au Pair in Tudela-Spain 6 months + UK

Hola Laura,

I am very well thank you. I am really enjoying the family here in Tudela.

Olga is very lovely and so are both of her children who keep me very entertained. They have all made me feel at home within their family and they are all very funny.

The house is beautiful and I feel extremely lucky to have so much space and the leisure to do what I please in the day.

Thank you so much for all your effort and for putting me in contact with this family.

Kind Regards, Davinder

Au Pair Alexa MerullaCanada and Brianda MolenaarsHolland

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