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COVID-19 Algunas recomendaciones para las au pairs frente a la emergencia sanitaria. Que puedo hacer para protegerme? Evitar ir a sitios concurridos.Mantener una higiene adecuada de manos.No realizar viajes innecesarios. Crees que estas enfermo? Cuales son los síntomas? Fiebre, tos y sensación de falta de aire. Probablemente pasarás más tiempo en casa y con los niños de acogida. Es importante transmitirles, de forma tranquila, la necesidad de mantener la higiene. Como? Para entretenerlos puedes organizar juegos con ellos. Aquí tienes ...

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AuPair Day 24 November

The 24th of November has been established as the international au pair day. From AEPA we want to celebrate it with all of you. We would like to organize a meeting in Madrid with all the au pairs who are in Spain including a big party in the Kapital Club in Madrid.It would be the weekend from 22nd to 24th November. We want to know how many of you would ...

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Meeting other Au Pairs in Spain

Meeting other Au Pairs in Spain Are you willing to come to Spain as an au pair? You may like to read this post about meeting other Au Pairs in Spain. One of the hardest moments when you start as an au pair is making friends in the host country. All of you have leaved behind friends and relatives and all of you have to start with your new life. When you are ...

Summer AuPair in Spain

Summer AuPair in Spain Once again in January we started working with the summer AuPair placements in Spain. There are already many Spanish host families who have requested us their next summer aupair. If you have 1 to 3 months, you want to learn Spanish, live with a Spanish family and spend time with the children you can apply to the summer aupair program in Spain.View post

5 Reasons to use an IAPA registered au pair agency

5 Reasons to use an IAPA registered Au Pair Agency 1: Screening. Au Pair agencies spend time screening host families and au pairs. Families need to know that au pairs are not domestic servers or housekeepers. Au Pairs must to know that they are going to a real family who understands the programme. 2: Support. A recognized IAPA au pair agency will give support during all au pair placement even if you need a replacement ...

Spanish Clichés

Spanish Clichés I was talking with my sister the other day and she mentioned an anecdote that occurred to her after a business meeting with partners from different countries. One of her French colleagues ordered Sangria in a bar where they went to have some tapas. After noting my sister’s shock face, the French colleague asked: Don’t you Spanish people drink sangria? To what my sister replied: Well, we drink beer ...