Dear Au Pair,

From here you can download the AuPair list, it is updated weekly if we have new matches so I recommend you to visit this page regularly to see the update file.

You have to enter with the password you received by email.

If you have problems to download the au pair contact list or you don’t wish to appear here, write to me:

Remember the importance of travelling with an European medical card or private health insurance in order to have free healthcare in Spain. If you travel with private medical insurance, contact them before your trip so that they can give you addresses and telephone numbers of the reference centre/hospital closest to the address where you are going to live in Spain in case you have to go to the doctor during your stay. In many cases we can not help you from the agency because the insurance is hired in your country and do not have a telephone number for assistance in Spain.


Take a minute to read some usefull information about the au pair programme in Spain.

Are you going to spend more than 3 months in Spain? Read this important information about NIE.

Foreigners’ Identity Number – NIE – Número de Identificación de Extrajeros 

Travel details to Spain. If you have not informed us/your agency about  your travel details to Spain, please download this document and send back to me. Thank You 🙂

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