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AuPair Letter to host family

AuPair Letter to host family

The letter is one of the most important documents in your aupair application. This is where you get to know your future host family, so it is important that you consider certain topics.

The letter is the document of your aupair application, together with the photographic collage, which the families most appreciate.

Dear host Family,

About you:

Introduce yourself (name and age), talk about your family, parents and siblings, ages and the city/town where you live.

Talk about your character and hobbies:

What are you like? Are you an extrovert, shy, cheerful, punctual, reliable person?

How do your friends define you?

Talk about your sports and hobbies. If there is something that is really important for you, it will help us to send your application to Spanish families that have hobbies in common with you.

Explain your experience with children:

When did you start babysitting? How old were they? For how long? What were your duties with them?

Do you have a certificate of this experience?

Do you help doing housework at home?

How do you help your parents?

When did you start studying Spanish?

Do you speak any other languages?

You have a boyfriend / girlfriend?

What’s his/her name? Since when are you two together? What will he/she do during your stay in Spain? Does he/she support you in your decision to spend time away? You think he/she’ll come to visit you?

About your independence

Have you ever lived away from home? Where? For how long?

How do you think being away from your family and friends will affect you?

Why do you want to come as an au pair to Spain?

Finally, say goodbye to the family by thanking them for their time in reading your application and hoping to see them soon.

This same storyboard should be followed in the collage writing in each photo a description. You can also insert pictures of yourself in your AuPair Letter to host family.

This letter can be written in Spanish or English.

Do you want to come as an au pair to Spain? Fill in the online  application form or contact to us info@servihogar.org

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