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Au Pair Spain Summer 2015

Au Pair Spain Summer 2015

Spain is a country where are lots of families requesting an au pair only for summer period; the reason is because the long break the children have at school. This period is from mid June until mid September.

The length of the stay depends of each host family.

There are many family requests for the month of July. Children finishes school around the 15th of June and until August, that is when the host parents take their holidays, they need some one, an au pair, to stay during the mornings with the children. From Monday to Friday, usually working hours are around 35 – 40h per week.

Host parents leave the house around 8am and come back from work to have lunch, after 15:00. Au Pair schedule starts around 9:00-9:30 am, preparing breakfast for children, helping to dress them and pick-up children’s room. Then usually is time to do some summer home-work and then time to go to the swimming pool, to the park or to the beach until lunch time that for children is around 14:00-15:00. Usually host parents leave food ready the day before so the au pair has only to warm up the food in the microwave or prepare only simple dishes, like a salad or some pasta.

After lunch, relax, the siesta, and then host parents arrive home. So the au pair has free time to go out with friends or do whatever you want.

If the host family goes away for holidays and invite you, you must know that usually the routines change during these weeks, actually there are not routines during holidays so you have to be prepared to stay with host family, like another member more, for the whole day if you decide to join them. Usually Spanish host families from Madrid travel to coastal areas: in Andalucía, Valencia or Asturias to apartments they have, others prefer to travel to small towns in the mountains to escape from the city. I think there is no host family who spend the month of August in Madrid.

Take note that this is a important topic to discuss with them when you make the interview to your prospective host family.

ServiHogar au pair Agency in Spain is already working with summer au pair placements 2015.

This week we received the firsts au pair profiles for summer period also host families are doing their inscriptions.

Summer AU PAIR Requirements to can apply:

  • Availability from 1 up to 3 or 4 months.
  • Age 18 up to 30 years old.
  • Good level of English what is the preference of the Spanish families.
  • Have childcare experience, demonstrable.
  • Be in good health (medical certificate).

More information? Download the brochure Au Pair in Spain.

BrochureAuPairSpain miniatura

To apply as an au pair to Spain, you can fill-in the AuPair Application form online or dowload the documents.



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