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Au Pair Spain, planning to come?

Au Pair Spain, planning to come visit us like au pair?

First, find an Au Pair Agency in your home country or in Spain, they will inform you about your responsibilities and what are the host family responsibilities.

Once you have decided for an au pair agency is very important that you prepare your application carefully, with particular attention to your letter and photo-collage. It’s your presentation to a family that will welcome you at their home and you will be responsible for their children. The more you talk about yourself, your family, your hobbies, your skills and why you have decided to make this trip more likely you are and more families will be interested in you, so that, in the end you will have in your hand the possibility of choice.

Of course the rest of the documents * are required and you have to send all of them, but families will “know you “for what you talk about yourself”. Later they will check the rest of the documents.

Once your complete profile it is received by the au pair agency it will be sent to families that also meet your requirements.

In my opinion, it is better to find a family related to you, age of children, family hobbies, parent’s work.. etc. than to be focused on a particular place/city and be inflexible to other places due to ignorance of the province or city.

When talking with the host familyis important to prepare the interview. You have to look over the application and ask questions about living together, what are the routines they have during the week? At what time children go to school? What children do when they get home? What do they expect from you? In what housework you will have to collaborate? Can you join host family activities? Have they had other au pairs? What is their relationship with them? Read this post if you want more information and questions to make to your prospective host family.

Once you have decided for a family, confirm as soon as possible to your agency your acceptance, the agency will contact to the host family to hear their feedback about you, and if they accept you, the agency will ask to the family for family agreement singed, (called LOI as well, letter of invitation).

Once you had received the agreement from the agency you can book your trip to Spain.

I always recommend to talk to the family about the best arrival airport, day and time, to can guarantee they can go to pick up you to the airport. Once you had booked send the travel details to your family and to the Au Pair Agency.

Now all you have to do is prepare your suitcase and if you like you can start making contact with other au pairs hosted in families in the same city where you will reside.

The documents that any Au Pair Agency should ask to you in order to have a complete Au Pair application are:

  • Au Pair Application form.
  • Dear Family Letter – Read more how to write in your letter here (only in Spanish by the moment)
  • Photo Collage
  • Au pair agreement – Code of conduct for au pair (families also sign an agreement – code of conduct for family)
  • 2 writtten childcare references, with referee contact details.
  • Medical Certificate – is required according the European Agreement on “Au Pair” placement
  • Certificate of Criminal
  • Passport / IC

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