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Here you can see our Frequently Asked Questions about the Au Pair Spain programme.

Au Pair in Spain

Ok, when a family request us an au pair we also ask them for documents, like photo collage, complete family application form and dear au pair letter that you will receive, and documents like DNI/passport and certificate of the Town Hall telling that they live with the children that they say to have and where they say to live, so how we are going to present to them a girl/boy that we don’t know who is, even how it is?. Other documents like AU-PAIR/FAMILY AGREEMENT, MEDICAL CERTIFICATE AND PHOTOCOPY OF THE PASSPORT ARE NECESSARY IF WE WANT FOLLOW THE EUROPEAN AU PAIR AGREEMENT.

When we receive candidates from agencies abroad (we cooperate with many) we receive complete application so you would be in disadvantage with their candidature.

Yes, you DON’T HAVE TO PAY ANY FEES TO OUR AGENCY IF YOU WANT TO COME TO SPAIN LIKE AU PAIR. Most of Agencies works in the same way: don’t charge to the au pairs who are coming to the host country since we charge to the families, but you are also our client. We cooperate with many agencies abroad mainly in Germany, Austria, France, Holland, UK; and they don’t pay us to place their au pairs!!!

Ok, depending which problems. The most important is speaking first with the family and try to resolve it. In case you and family can not resolve the problems the agency can speak with both parts and try to clears thing and get a common agree. I case the differences can not be resolve, we will try to find another family for you, (you must accept another family in other city if it is the case) and other au pair for the family. Family-Au pair agreement (document that is signed when a family-au pair is accepted) must be respected.

Some families, mainly in Madrid and Barcelona (big cities) pay for public transport tiket, ask them in case is not specify in family application form.

There is a European Insurance Card that you have to ask in you home country before book you trip to Spain. Check the expire date in this card, because in case expire before you return to your country you will have to ask for another card in your country or here in Spain (in the Seguridad social office). In case au pairs no member E.E.C. the European Agreements says that the Insurance can be paid half by the family and half by the au pair, and must be hire.

Es muy difícil que la embajada española en México te de un visado para entrar a España por mas de 3 meses (por menos de tres meses puedes obtener un visado de turista). Te explico, los tipos de visado posibles son: De estudiante, tienes que estar inscrita en un colegio/escuela oficial/universidad y tener pagada la matricula o de trabajo, tienes que tener un contrato de trabajo.

De todas formas pide información a la embajada española en tu país. Nosotros no ponemos ninguna pega a que las chicas que optan al programa au pair que no sean de la comunidad económica europea, pero si es muy importante que vengas con todos tus papeles en regla para no tener problemas durante tu estancia.

Dear Tania, we give the opportunity to participate in the au pair programme in Spain to candidates not member of EU, but the problem is get the VISA to can stay in Spain, that you have to ask in the Spanish embassy in Russia. They are the only one which can tell you how to get the VISA and for how long. I enclosed you the information about au pair programme in Spain.