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Au Pair Program Spain, advantages

Au Pair program in Spain, the advantages to improve your Spanish

When you live in the country of the language you want to learn, without realizing it, you are acquiring not only the living language spoken also the culture of the country that will help you to embrace the language and the “way of think” of it.

Travelling with the au pair program and live with a host family in a country is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to achieve your goal: to improve the language and speak it fluently.

With the au pair program you live with a Spanish host family so room and board expenses are covered.

The host family pays you weekly money, the “pocket money”, enough to pay your expenses and even to pay the Spanish school.

Spanish host families often have domestic staff hired so your contribution will be exclusively in the care of children.

You will be treated like a member of the family, as the older sister of the children, will have the opportunity to travel with family during holidays and during the weekend, if you want, you can join them on trips they organized during the weekend.

During the school year: 15 September – 20th June

You are assured daily leisure time for you. Children in Spain have long school days; many of them attend classes from 9 to 17.00. During this time you can go to Spanish classes, go to the gym or meet other au pairs.

During the summer, 20th June to mid-September.

In Spain we have a very extensive period of school holidays during the summer, from late June to mid September, this is reason we have lots of host families request during summer period.

Usually, the parents go to work in the morning and come back home at lunchtime, in Spain around 15.00. Host families requests are usually from late June to late July/August. There are also many host family request for the whole summer period, the 3 months. Your free time will be during afternoons in many cases.

There are many families who want to host a Summer au pair to give their children the possibility of practicing a language while the whole family, including the au pair, enjoying the holiday season, usually in coastal areas. It is a 100 % living with a family. This family requests are usually for one month, in July or August.

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