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Au Pair placement procedure

Steps we folow to place au pairs in Spanish host families.

au pair placement procedure

Steps We Folow

Au Pair Placement procedure

For your au pair placement we match your Au Pair preferences with family applications. You are freedom to select the family of your choice. We never impose a family on you. WE DON’T CHARGE ANY FEES TO Au Pairs who COMES TO SPAIN (We only accept au pairs from English speaking countries or countries where we don’t have partner au pair agencies. Check below the countries where we have partner au pair agencies which with we cooperate with the inbound au pair programme in Spain)

  1. So soon we receive your complete application we will start to send it to all our families that have your requirements and we will send you all families that are interested in speak with you.
  2. You have to answer us if you are – or – you are not interested in speak with them.
  3. If your answer is positive: Family and you discuss about any doubt that can have both parts. Have a look at our blog to see important things to talk with them.
  4. When you decided for a family and a family for you we will send you “Family Agreement” singed by the family and we will ask you to sing it and return to us signed for you.
  5. We ask you at the same time to book the trip to Spain and keep us informed. Please don’t book your trip before receive family agreement signed from us.

And once in Spain…

We call you in the first week after your arrival to see how are you in your host family also we talk with host families. If you don’t receive our phone call please contact us by telephone or mail to let as know how you are.

We send to you the contact details of others au pairs before your arrival to Spain so since the beginning you can be in contact with young people in the same situation you are. For us is very important you have your own life outside the family and you enjoy Spain as much as possible.

If during your stay problems arrise we will give you support or even the possibility to move to another family.

* We cooperate with Au Pair Agencies – inbound au pair programme in Spain – in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, France, Italy and Poland.

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