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Au Pair matching process

Au Pair matching process

How we work when we receive au pair profiles to come to Spain as an au pair?au-pair-matching-process

First of all we check all au pair profile carefully to see au pair preferences regarding, start date and length of stay,
children ages and number of kids, place and regions and many other things: hobbies, languages that au pair can speak, diet, etc.

We check available families for the same dates, with kids with same ages as au pair childcare preferences, languages requested by the family.

Au Pair profile is sent to the host family/es.

We ask to the family to have a look at the au pair profile and come back to us with their feedback. If feedback is positive we send to the au pair the host family profile, what includes:

  • Complete family application with all their contact details.
  • Detailed au pair weekly planning with au pair duties and free time.
  • Dear au pair letter
  • Photos of the family, house-common areas (living room, kitchen, garden, etc) and au pair room.

If the Au Pair is interested in speak to the family: inform to us and write directly to the host family to fix a good day&time to skype.

I recommend to read this post to prepare the skype interview with the family as it is a very important step in the au pair matching process.

After the skype conversation we ask to both parts for their feedback. Au pair and family can keep the contact and schedule a second skype.

If we have confirmation from both parts we ask to host family to sign the Host family Agreement and pay the agency fees.

We send to the Au Pair/AuPair Agency the host family agreement signed that has to be signed by the aupair.

Au Pair/Au Pair angecy send us the agreement signed us togheter Au Pair´s travel details.

Points to have in mind:

  • The most important is to match with a family not with a city / region.
  • You can always talk with more than one family if this is your wish.
  • We never impose a family to an au pair and vice versa.
  • If you liked the conversation you had with the family let them know.
  • During matching process and once you are a match with a family keep the contact with them and answer emails on time.
  • We are not here only during the matching process also once you are here in Spain and matching process has finished.

Do you like to have more information. Contact to us.

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