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Au Pair in Spain

Live the Spanish culture and learn the language living with a host family

The Au pair program is an intercultural exchange in a foreign country. You will live in and be welcomed as a family member. In exchange you will help with light household duties and child care. Consequently, Au pair candidates should be responsible, trustworthy young adults (both male and female Au pairs are welcome in Spain). The Au pair will receive full room and board as well as a weekly stipend. You will be on your own schedule with daily free time to spend with friends, attend Spanish classes or even time to make small trips to discover Spain.

It is a full immersion program. From the day you arrive you will be exposed to Spanish language and custom at the ground level, and you will not have to worry about living expenses.

The duration of your stay depends entirely on you.
Most Spanish families request an au pair for 1 to 3 months in the summer. On the other hand, 6, 9 or 12 month stays are in demand during the school year. If your native language is English or you are fluent, you will also have opportunities to be placed for shorter periods.

Watch report made in August 2010 by the public Spanish TV about au pairs in Spain!!!

IMPORTANT: If you are not an European Citizen you will need: a valid VISA and be Native English Spoken. For more information have a look at this post. 


Being an au pair means to live with a family, to become part of your host family and join in some of their activities. It also means to be able to integrate in their habits and customs. You will certainly improve your language skills and improve your career prospects. Living with one of our host families takes out the worries and cost of living in another country and you will be able to learn about the country at first hand. You will also have the opportunity to gain language qualifications.


  • Free accommodation and food.
  • You will have your own furnished room.
  • You share the kitchen and living areas.
  • In holiday periods the family may want you to go with them and occasionally, when on holiday, you may be required to share a bedroom with the children (holiday homes are generally smaller than normally family homes).
  • You will also need to be more flexible about you working hours during holiday periods.
  • You do not pay for food and you normally eat with the families.

We run the au pair agency since the 2004 so does it means that many of our families are regular clients or they come to us referee by regular families. In many cases you can talk with family previous au pairs.


  • You have to be between 18 and 25 years old, although you can apply when you are 17 (no age limits for EU-Au pairs, but usually not older than 30).
  • You have to be single, without dependents.
  • You must be in good health (Medical Report).
  • Male places exist but are very limited.
  • You need a valid passport.

It doesn’t matter if your level of Spanish is very low but you have a good level of English.

Au Pair Duties

  • More than 90 percent childcare like looking after children during the day, playing, bringing to and getting the children from school and kinder garden, doing homework with them.
  • Light house work like: ironing and keeping the house (common zones and children´s room) tidy, set / Clair the table.
  • You may also be expected to do some simple cooking and help with food preparation.
  • Talk in/teach English, German or French to the children. You must understand that you don’t have to give language classes just play with them in your native language/English in a proactive way.

Most of the families do not ask for domestick task or only related with children like tidy their rooms, make their beds, help to prepair breakfast and dinner, etc but also parents expect you cooperate like one memeber more (p.ex set/clair the table).

Working hours and pocket money

– Per week Working hours Pocket Money Free days
Demi-AuPair 15-20 40 – 50 € 1,5 – 2
Language Assistant 15 50 € 2, on weekends
Au Pair 25-30 max 70€ 1,5 or 2 days
Extra hour wiil be paid 5€ /hour

Vacations: in any cases you will have one week paid of holidays per six months worked.

Au Pair duties, working hours and pocket money is specify in family application form.

How long apply?

In summer are many request for 1, 2 or 3 months. In other seasons most families look for a one year, 10 months or 6 months placement.

Also are request for shorter period if your level of English is very good or you are willing to accept any area in Spain.

You should apply about two months before you wish to come and although placements are made all year round a high proportion start in August, September-October and January.

No European Citizens Requirements:

  • Native English Language speaker.
  • Have a valid visa. Ask information in the nearest Spanish Embasy in you home country. You can´t travel without visa.
  • Private Medical Insurance.

Download the information About AuPair programme in Spain.