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5 Reasons to use an IAPA registered au pair agency

5 Reasons to use an IAPA registered Au Pair Agency

1: Screening.

Au Pair agencies spend time screening host families and au pairs. Families need to know that au pairs are not domestic servers or housekeepers. Au Pairs must to know that they are going to a real family who understands the programme.

2: Support.

A recognized IAPA au pair agency will give support during all au pair placement even if you need a replacement in another host family.

3: Safety:

Everything on internet is not what appears to be. When you go with an IAPA au pair agency you know that the family is real.

4: Protection:

The internet is full of scams.

5: Experience:

IAPA Au Pair agencies have experience in the au pair industry;

IAPA au pair agencies members have to be in business for at least two years to apply for full membership.

We are an Au Pair agency since 2004. We are founder members of the AEPA, spanishaupairassociation.com, the Spanish AuPair Association, and Full Member of IAPA, www.iapa.org, the International AuPair Association.

Do you want to come as an au pair to Spain. Contact us to receive the information and application package.

Au Pair Application to Spain

Personal information

Information about your trip to Spain

Information about languages

Other languages and levels?

Other questions

Application Folder

Aupair agreement and signature

I confirm that I have answered all questions honestly and that all information in the application is true.

I accept that the au pair Agency show my au pair profile to the prospective families.

I agree to cover all costs for language courses, travel to and from my host country and any debts incurred (e.g., telephone bills, etc), travel with a valid medical insurance and/or European Insurance card. I shall bring emergency funds with me to pay for unforeseen expenses.

I understand that my childcare duties are of prime importance and I shall carry them out responsibly in a caring and considerate manner. I shall seek the advice of the host family before administering any form of discipline on the children. Under no circumstances shall I hit the children or leave them alone. I understand that I shall be asked to undertake light household duties and to make a fair contribution to the cleanliness of the ‘common’ areas of my host family’s home and I agree to keep my own room clean and tidy.
I shall make every effort to resolve any differences with my host family.

If I have any problems or questions which cannot be discussed and resolved with the host family, I shall contact the au pair agency for assistance in accordance with the procedures advised by the Pair agency.

If no solution can be reached and I have to leave the Host Family, I understand that a notice period must be respected (15 days) and observed in accordance with program guidelines. During this time period, I shall perform my normal duties and I shall continue to receive room, board and pocket Money.

I understand that I shall be expelled from the programme and under certain circumstances may have to return home if:

  • I fail to abide by this agreement or programme guidelines.
  • I falsify any information in my application (e.g., regarding smoking, childcare experience, health, etc).
  • If I do not fulfil my agreed duties as an au pair, I will be asked to leave the host family and return to my home country.
  • I administer corporal punishment to a child or leave them alone.
  • I disobey the laws of my host country.
    If there are any changes in my au pair application I will notice at once to the agency.

After confirmation of placement, I shall stay in touch with my host family and shall inform them of my travel arrangements. I agree not to travel to my host family until I have received an official confirmation of placement from the au pair agency (“Family Agreement signed”).

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