Familias de Acogida

Programa Au Pair para Familias de acogida en España. En este apartado podréis encontrar información de como trabajamos para la colocación de Au Pairs en familias de Acogida.

Au Pair Europa

Programa Au Pair en Europa: Au Pair Reino Unido, Au Pair Irlanda, Au Pair Alemania, Au Pair Francia, Au pair Austria, Au Pair Italia, Au Pair Holanda. Programa destinado a jóvenes españoles que quieran viajar como Au Pair a Europa.

Au Pair in Spain

Au Pair Agency in Spain. Under our Au Pair in Spain program you can experience the Spanish culture with the safe and secure environment of a Spanish Host family.  Our agency was founded in 2004, most of our Spanish host families are repeated clients. Dare for more and come to Spain!


Au Pair questions to ask on Interview

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AuPairInterviewWithTheHostFamilyAu Pair questions to ask on the Interview

One of the most important steeps to choose your host family in the matching process is the interview you have to do with your host family, usually by skype. The host family will have questions to make to you but also you must make questions to the host family before you accept them, before the match.

For sure you have received much information from them. If you have used an au pair agency you have at least: complete host family application form; with all details about your work and duties expected from you and children, pocket money, free days, distance to language schools/centre city, etc., a dear au pair letter; talking about their life and host family expectative regarding their au pair, pictures of the house and host family members and a weekly au pair planning with working hours and free days & time. Continue reading